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Bewertungen Von Unseren Patienten

Dindy Wilson


I have been going to Dr. Yesim for several years and have had great treatment the entire time. I have had several implants and other general maintenance with no problems at all. Recently, I fell and needed to have emergency work done on my front teeth. It really meant a lot that Dr. Yesim was willing and available to help me out immediately! Not only is she is very efficient and professional but she is also very caring and considerate. The staff is wonderful, and friendly too. I have appreciated all their help and care over the years.

William campbell


Yesim is the best dentist. I have had she gave me implants where other dentists couldn't I have been Budapest twice and they do not match Yesim clinic. I am very pleased I found Yesim and George they are very polite I give this clinic 100%.

Phillip Yilmaz


Absolutely brilliant! Firstly Dr Yesim Ramos is a superb dentist with many years of experience and a great deal of professionalism. The team are so welcoming and friendly and put me at ease as soon as I arrived. I travelled from the UK with my partner who worked as a dental nurse for over 7 years in the UK. We are both very impressed with the cleanliness of the dental practice and how much more up to date with equipment and the approach to dentistry is than the UK. Phenomenal care and after care. I was well looked after by the whole team. As hard as I am to please they have succeeded. They listened to my concerns, needs and I am beyond happy with the results. I had Veneers, implants and a bridge. I would recommend highly Dr Yesim Ramos to all that need dental treatment and who are considering coming to Turkey. I thank them all so much for doing what many UK dentists could not achieve. Leaving with a great smile and looking ten years younger!

Steve Rattray


I’ve been looked after so well by this team of professionals, collected from my hotel and brought to the clinic, which is out of this world by the way! They say money can’t buy a smile but thanks to Dr Yesim I have a smile that I am no longer ashamed of, In fact, I can’t wait to show it off! I really can’t thank her and her team enough. If you plan on having any treatment, please don’t hesitate to use these guys, I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks again, Safe Dent.

Hakan Bodur


Türkiye de tek geçerim mesleğinin hakkını sonuna kadar veren bir hekim gitmek te tereddüt edenler için söyliyim tereddüt dahi etmeyin yaptığı işin sonuna kadar arkasında duran son teknoloji yi kullanan her zaman güler yüzlü ve eli çok çabuk biridir biz ailecek uzun yıllardır onun hastasıyız başarılarının devam etmesi ve Türkiye deki tüm hekimlere örnek olması dileğiyle seni çok seviyoruz kolay gelsin

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