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Traitement de Canal

10 December 2020 by
 Traitement de Canal

Comment savoir si vous avez besoin d'un traitement de canal?

Une infection du canal peut être douloureuse et nécessitera une visite chez le dentiste qui effectuera un traitement de canal sur votre dent pour soulager la douleur. Mais comment savoir avec certitude si votre douleur dentaire provient ou non d'une infection du canal radiculaire? Trouvez ci-dessous des informations utiles sur ...

Pain-free Anesthesia

10 December 2020 by
 Pain-free Anesthesia

At Safedent dental clinic, we are proud to offer a completely revolutionary anesthesia technique. Either osteocentral anesthesia or the "magic wand" as we call it . A much less invasive and traumatic technique for you and especially Children.

The penetration of a tiny needle that you cannot see and the gradual injection are controlled electronically. Electronic controls allow the anesthetic product ...

All-On-Four Dental Implant

We do Dental Implants from start to finish: You don’t have to go anywhere else to have your dental implant surgery! Our treatment fees are lower when compared to a two-location approach.

Five to 10 years ago, most patients were unaware that All-on-4 full-arch fixed dental implant bridges existed. Today, patients often request this treatment specifically, but is it always in ...

Dental Clinic in Antalya

19 November 2020 by
Dental Clinic in Antalya

Dental Health Tourism brings a lot of patients to Antalya because of the sun and sea. Not only during summer but also during winter. Antalya offers one of the best weather conditons. Locals and tourist still enjoys the sea and sun until the end of November. By January Antalya have two active ski stations. One at Saklıkent ...

Health Tourism in Turkey

11 November 2020 by
Health Tourism in Turkey

The reasons why to choose Turkey. Turkey has experienced strong economic growth following numerous investments in the health sector. But why go to Turkey to benefit from such medical care?

Turkish medical tourism is appreciated above all for these main reasons:

  1. Better quality of service with efficient equipment.
  2. Affordable prices accessible to all.
  3. Ease of communication and support.

The quality of care provided in the ...

Top attractions in Antalya

Antalya has been named "Turkish Riviera" thanks to its archaeological and natural beauties. Antalya, where sea, sun, history and nature unite in a magical harmony, has the most beautiful and clean shores of the Mediterranean. 630 km. There are ancient cities, ancient harbors, monumental tombs, lacy bays, beaches, lush forests and rivers along the long coastline of Antalya.

lined boulevards with ...

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